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Get Your Classroom Ready for Success

In this article we will look at how to get your classroom ready by making sure all aspects of your classroom are taken care of. 

Get Your Classroom Ready With This Checklist

Getting your classroom ready also helps to make classroom management all that much easier for teachers and students in the long run.

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Journals as Part of Your Classroom Readiness

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Here we look a the different sections of the checklist that will help with classroom readiness.

Classroom Designs

Classrooms come in all shapes and sizes, with or without technology, and can be simple or extravagant.

Classic classrooms can be seen as those who do not provide much indication of technology being present. 


These classrooms may do still exist and therefore, the classroom checklist we provide is still suitable for these classrooms.

In present times however, technology is a staple in most classrooms and so it is important to include them in the checklist as classroom materials.

Classroom Materials

classroom management strategies

The classroom materials we list here will depend on how your school is designed and for the intended grades. However, the items listed are meant to be suitable for any grade level and subject specific classrooms. 

Classroom materials and classrooms supplies are often seen as the same thing. 

Therefore, we differentiate them based on the following. We see materials as to what the classroom must provide, and supplies as to what the students should have ready.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies can be considered such that the school should provide each classroom; such as kleenex, hand sanitizers, and trash or garbage bins. 

cleaning supplies

Research shows that when spaces are clean, it is easier to teach and learn. 

It is important that students take responsibility in keeping their classroom clean at all times, and not to leave it to janitors or custodians to keep it clean at all times.

Therefore, students should be asked to bring kleenex, wipes, and hand sanitizers, and follow classroom procedures to keep themselves, desks, and personal space clean and tidy for their classroom supplies.

Classroom Supplies

Classroom supplies are probably the most important supplies teachers need behind cleaning supplies.

It is important to stress to students to be responsible when bringing their own classroom supplies to class each day.

categorizing as part of organization

However, keeping supplies stocked in the classroom helps with classroom management when it comes to rewards, emergency situations, or on the spot new activities added to the lesson that students are excited to do!

Classroom Rules

While we suggest that most of the classroom rules should be agreed upon with students, it is important to have a few rules already established with setting up a new classroom. 

classroom learning

The first rule in creating a safe teaching and learning environment is to have students show respect to everyone in the classroom. Use this checklist to be sure the most important rules have been covered with the students.

Classroom Tools

Classroom tools are meant to add visual aids to the lessons planned by the teacher.

classroom attention

These tools can also be referred to as ‘manipulatives’ that students can use independently or in groups to help with understanding and/or presenting information in the classroom. 

Classroom Shelves

The best place to store classroom tools are on classroom shelves!

Shelves are also important to include textbooks or workbooks that students may need from time to time so that their classroom desks are not overcrowded, and for easy access to tools.

classroom assessment

However, the two main reasons are for safety reasons and for making the classroom more visually appealing!

Classroom Desks

Keeping the tops of desks clean is a given in order for proper learning to take place. 

But equally as important to keep clean are the desks that include spaces for students to put materials on the inside. Keeping clean means keeping things organized!

middle school classroom

Students should know as part of classroom rules that they need to respect the space they sit in and not write any messages or drawings on the desks or chairs. And of course no gum left behind!

Reading Books

A classroom library is essential for students in the elementary years since it gives easy access to building critical thinking skills. 

reading skills

Classroom libraries can also be useful for older students as a source of resources for presentations or research students may need to do in class. 

Teacher's Desk

A teacher’s desk that is too comfortable may be hard to leave, but there are important items that teachers need to make teaching easier.

teacher development videos

This desk should not be overcrowded with unnecessary items or messy as it is the example students will look to when keeping their desks clean, especially in the early years.

Safety Rules

It goes without saying that students should be aware of the symbols for safety in the classroom.

change focus in education

As part of the safety rules, students should be made aware of classroom procedures when entering and leaving the classroom, and how to manage their chairs (if they are not attached to the desks). 


In this place, teachers can keep track of what may need to be added to the list that was not mentioned in the original list. 

study schedule

Keeping this checklist will also help keep teachers organized in the classroom!

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Final Thoughts...

The classroom checklist provided is meant to be a guide to helping teachers with setting up their classrooms and see what is necessary and what may not be for their classroom.

Making use of the classroom checklist we offer will help make keeping things organized so much easier, and this is our way of saying thank you to teachers who already do so much!

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