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Disclaimer; the views shared in our videos, blog posts, and pages are no way to be used as medical advice. If you feel you need mental health treatment please seek proper medical advice from your local mental health agencies. 

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Highlighted Posts

Mental health topics in education center around interactions inside and outside the classroom. The ETI Academy offers a look at how recognizing emotions in the classroom, helps to improve teaching and learning in the classroom. 

Comics & Mental Health

Comics are meant to bring out laughter and we all know that laughter is a key ingredient for better mental health!

We cover mental health topics from the perspective of education. We look at how it impacts on teachers, students, and parents, and with improving relationships inside and outside the classroom, to help meet everyone’s educational goals.  

Teachers & Mental Health

In the past mental health topics in education used to focus on mental illness or mental disorders. The perceptions around mental health have changed to include how teachers perceive themselves in the classroom. 

Teachers are the role models in the classroom, and the identities they take on may impact on how they see themselves in the classroom.  How teachers form their identities in the classroom may depend how others see them or how they see themselves.

Students & Mental Health

How has the change to online learning affected students and their identities in the classrooms?  The necessary discussions on mental health center around how schools affect mental health. 

Student identity is one topics we will discuss in relation to mental health. Understanding identities helps to improve how students recognize mental health issues in the classroom. How students form their identities in the classroom may depend on how others see them or how they see themselves. 

Social Emotional Learning

In recent improvements to school policies around the world, allowing for emotions to be officially recognized as a factor that impacts on student learning, has allowed teachers the opportunity to work through these emotions with their students to the benefit of learning. 

Recognizing the connection between social emotional learning (SEL)  and subjects in the classroom is key to allowing students a chance to improve their learning strategies in both the traditional and online classroom. 

Parents & Mental Health

Mental health in education also includes parents, who are vital partners in helping schools achieve their educational goals. How has the change to online classrooms affected parents and their abilities to cope with their child’s new learning environment? 

Parents can support mental health topics in education by being a support system to both their children and their teachers when it comes to overcoming any issues that may arise from challenging situations such as learning online. 

Mental Health & Online Learning

In 2020, teaching and learning took a sharp turn when most classrooms were turned into virtual classrooms to keep safe during a global pandemic.  Schools worked on offering mental health services for teachers and students, as well as mental health support for parents. 

The ETI Academy offers a look at online learning, and how parents and their children can cope mentally and learn to thrive in this new online class environment.

Physical & Mental Health

Physical health in education is vital to the health and development of mental health for both teachers and students. Schools, teachers, and students benefit greatly from the value physical education has in our school systems. 

The global pandemic of 2020 put a strain on physical education in schools, and it resulted in students showing a lack of motivation towards their studies. We present 5 ways physical health supports mental health, and what teachers can do with assessments and behavior strategies to bring back the motivation students lost for learning.

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