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Visit our wide selection of educational resources meant to help save teachers and students time and energy when building important skills we need in the classroom.

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"Education through inspiration" is our motto

At EduKitchen and the ETI Academy we are dedicated to providing teachers and students with new educational tools, resources, and videos to approach teaching and learning that can be considered “out of the box”.  Watch this video to see what education through inspiration looks like for teachers and students. 

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Mental & Physical Health

Mentorship begins by saying “I appreciate you!”. When teachers and students work towards building relationships through trust and dedication, then the real work begins. View our resources on mental health and its impact to teaching and learning. 

Classroom management

Ownership begins by taking responsibility for your actions in the classroom. Before teaching or learning can begin, the purpose is to communicate why the time spent teaching or learning is important for growth and taking control of the knowledge you seek and gain. View our resources on teaching and its impact to learning. 


Leadership begins by encouraging positive feedback in the form of assessments in the classroom. When teachers use assssments in the classroom they can better help students take the lead when it comes to their learning. View our resources on using assessments in the classroom. 

classroom learning

Inspiration begins by viewing classroom learning in new ways. Classroom learning is meant to bring forward new opportunities in learning and inspiring new thinking. Of course if students don’t want to take the opportunity to learn, then they must also reflect on why they chose not to learn. View our resources on keeping up the inspiration in the classroom! 

EduKitchen & The Eti academy

Exploring the
Classroom together

Explore the knowledge, resources, and services offered by the EduKitchen & the ETI Academy. We believe in working alongside teachers, students, admininistrators, and parents to help change the future together in meeting educational goals. 

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Build your success in education through inspiration by thinking “outside the box”. The topics we discuss cover areas of teaching, learning, mental health, international test preparation. Click on the images below to see how the ETI Academy can inspire your journey in education.

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