We provide the inspiration teachers can use to lead themselves and their students to success on the journey through education. Check out our time-saving resources available for all aspects of classroom learning and management. 

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Stay one step ahead this school year by keeping your classroom ready all year long. Sign up for this (free) classroom resource and unlock bonus resources today! 

classroom Resources

Visit our wide selection of classroom resources meant to help save teachers and students time and energy when building important skills needed in the classroom.

Teachers resources

In building safe classroom enviornments teachers need to build relationships with students and our classroom resources can guide teachers in the following important aspects in education.

Mental & Physical Health

Mentorship begins by saying “I appreciate you!”.  When teachers and students work towards building relationships through trust and dedication, then the real work begins. View our resources on mental health and its impact to teaching and learning.

Classroom management

Ownership begins by taking responsibility for your actions in the classroom. Before teaching or learning can begin, the purpose is to communicate why the time spent teaching or learning is important for growth and taking control of the knowledge you seek and gain. View our resources on teaching and its impact to learning. 


Leadership begins by encouraging positive feedback in the form of assessments in the classroom. When teachers use assssments in the classroom they can better help students take the lead when it comes to their learning. View our resources on using assessments in the classroom. 

classroom learning

Inspiration begins by viewing classroom learning in new ways. Classroom learning is meant to bring forward new opportunities in learning and inspiring new thinking. Of course if students don’t want to take the opportunity to learn, then they must also reflect on why they chose not to learn. View our resources on keeping up the inspiration in the classroom! 

The CURMIO Teacher Tote Bag is a functional gift for teachers in bringing all the necessary items to work and back home again. The design allows for different pockets to keep your items organized including your laptop. Click to learn more about this  teacher’s dream.

Important pillars in education

Important pillars in education are meant to help teachers in building important relationships with school administration, students, and parents. We look at ways teachers can strengthen mentorship, ownership, leadership, and inspiration through our classroom resources, videos, and digital products.

Find your calling and turn time into inspiration in education.

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The ETI Academy Blogs

Our blogs help support teachers in working with school administration, parents, and students to build success towards education through inspiration.  

Our blogs offer resources, videos, and products geared towards saving teachers time and energy with teaching, as well as student learning, mental health, international test preparation. 

About The Eti academy

"Education through inspiration" is our motto

At EduKitchen and the ETI Academy we are dedicated to providing teachers and students with new educational tools, resources, and videos to approach teaching and learning with confidence, enthusiasm, and inspiration.  Watch this video to see what education through inspiration looks like for teachers and students. 

Promptly Journals My College Journal - From First Day to Graduation My College Memories is the perfect way for teacher students to track their academic progress, record memories, and reflect on their college experiences. With 120 pages of guided prompts, this premium hardback college journal covers eight semesters and graduation, with extra space for additional schooling. Click to visit the Promptly Journal website to view this journal and other amazing journals to brighten up your day!

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