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Teachers in Education

Teachers in 2020 were faced with learning to quickly adapt to the online learning environment and teaching important subjects through this medium. The ETI Academy is here to support teachers with their questions about online teaching and learning. Our educational blogs for teachers are also meant to show teachers how to encourage students to appreciate this new learning environment while learning to quickly adjust to it themselves. Click on the images below for more topics related to teaching.

Students in Education

Students learn in many different ways, but the one thing that all students appreciate when it comes to learning is that they feel supported. Click on the images below for more topics related to learning.

International Test Preparation in Education

Are you looking to further your education by traveling abroad? See how we support students with understanding the different tests you may need to consider taking in helping you to further your academic career in an English speaking country. Click on the images below to learn more about preparing to take tests of TOEFL, IELTS, or SAT.

Mental Health in Education

 The ability for school administrators, teachers, students and parents to cope the normal stresses of life were greatly challenged in 2020 as schools were forced into a ‘virtual’ learning environment. However, the ability of all four groups of individuals to unite and recognize the importance of mental health in education may bring about benefits to all. Click on the images below to visit our mental health topics.

Online Learning in Education

The changes brought to education in 2020 brings forth many important topics for discussion when it comes to having classrooms online and overcoming challenges to online learning. Click on the images below to learn more about topics related to online learning.

Educational Videos

The educational videos we present on this website and on our YouTube channel, are meant to give inspiration to teachers and students when understanding educational topics.

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