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ChatGPT and the Future of Classrooms

In this article we will look at the new GhatGPT feature and the future of classrooms from the perspectives of technology, lesson planning, and assessments in the classroom.

ChatGPT stands for  Converstaional History and Time Generative Pre-training,  and gathers its information from pre-exisiting sources of knowledge such as books, published articles, and of course websites. 

How CHATGPT Will Impact The Future of Classrooms

Whenever major evolutions in society happen, the classroom seems to be the testing groud to whether or not it survives and thrives.

The Introduction of Technology in the Classroom

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The introduction of technology in the classroom is a prime example of this evolution in society.

math online resources

When calculators first made its appearance in classrooms in the 1970s, there were concerns that it would bring about “learning loss” in students’ abilities to use “mental math”.

However, calculators have proven to us that they are only as smart as their user.

The calculator was designed to deal with simplifiying calculations down to the basic functions in math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), therefore using the calculator was meant to save time, not decrease knowledge. 

However, the knowledge the calculator provided would be useless unless the students understood the proper steps to finding answers themselves.

emotions connected to math learning

The same argument can be made for using ChatGPT in the classroom. How can we know that what is shared by ChatGPT is actually true.

Students need to understand the teacher can verify what they are learning is actually true.

Teachers vs. Technology in the Classroom

With the introduction of the Internet in the 20th century, the idea was that teachers would become obsolete as the Internet would take their place when it comes to teaching and learning.

Students wouldn’t need to attend pay attention to what the teacher was saying in the classroom since the Internet could teach them what they needed to know.

ChatGPT and teachers

However, online learning during the pandemic of 2020 proved that most students still prefer to be in the physical presence of a teacher while learning. 

Technology may make learning easier, but it has yet to show the emotional connections humans need to build their confidence and enthusiasm towards their learning.

Therefore, the idea of ChatGPT making its way into education and the future of classrooms, should not be cause for concerns that it may replace teachers or take over lesson planning as teachers know it.

lesson plan checklist

ChatGPT and Lesson Planning in the Classroom

This blog contains affiliate links to highlighted websites and/or resources. By clicking on the link and making a purchase we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Click here for full disclosure.

While it has not come to pass that teachers are obsolete, it has changed the way teachers approach teaching, which has led to more student-centered approaches to learning.

lesson plan checklist

Our lesson planning checklist will help motivate teachers to work smarter not harder when it comes to inspiring students and bringing good energy into the classroom.

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Teachers do have the responsibility of making lesson plans that are engaging to students in the classroom.

Lesson plans are meant to have students build on our important life skills, which include: problem solving, organization, communication, time management, and critical thinking. 

While ChatGPT may make generating lesson plans easier, it doesn’t provide the opportunity for using these life skills to create teachable moments in the classroom. 

teachable moments

Teachable moments come unexpectedly and are amazing opportunities for teachers to share knowledge on topics students may be curious about that were not part of the inital lesson plan.

ChatGPT and Assessments in the Classroom

As teachers know, an essential part to lesson planning involves assessments, which is focus on measures for learning. 

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Learning can be measured in different ways and at different times. When teachers measure students knowledge through on-going activities they are looking for real-time growth when it comes to learning. 

These measures are known as formative assessments, and they help teachers and students form understanding around what works with teaching and leanring and what does not. 

Assessments done in class, even through the use of edtech tools, make them an acceptable way to measure learning.

students and blending learning

However, essay assignments, projects, presentations, that students can do at home need to be modified thanks to ChatGPT. 

Teachers should make it clear to students that how they present assignments, projects, and presentations, has to focus on what they have benefited from in doing these assignments, rather than presenting solely on the information they gathered, now that ChatGPT can do all the work for them.

ChatGPT and assessments

ChatGPT may provide you with the knowledge, but know that this knowledge will become useless if you can not see how it benefits your life and how you can benefit the lives of others through gaining knowledge. 

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Final Thoughts...

The contributions technology has brought into our world of education were always meant to make access to knowledge easier.

The future of classrooms will continue to involve technology, and this is just futher opportunity for adminsitrations, teachers, parents, and students to grow together.

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Technology should never be thought of as a replacement for how human beings act towards each other.

Once our society allows for the complete domination of technology in our lives to the point where we don’t have to value knowledge, we have lost what humanity can teach one another.

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