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Educational resources such as online courses, online quizzes websites, and interactive applications help make teaching and learning easier. The resources we list here are for teachers, homeschooling parents, and students

English Language Learning

The ETI Academy shares with teachers, parents, and students informative posts on valuable information and resources that contain links to free websites to support learning English! Read our posts on worthwhile English based websites that help improve English learning for all ages, all while making it fun for everyone!

Grammarly Writing Support

Math in Education

We provide teachers, parents, and students with links to free websites that make learning math fun! We also highlight a popular math EdTech website that helps with learning math online. We are not affiliated with the below mentioned resources at this time.

Online Learning Resources

Get excited with these resources that help with online learning strategies. Each of the resources mentioned in the articles come with links to free websites that make learning online fun! We are not affiliated with any of the mentioned websites at this time.

Educational Videos

Are you wondering if the ETI Academy’s online educational services are right for you?  Join us on YouTube to watch some of our educational videos to understand more of who we are! Contact us with all your questions and we will respond with the answers you are looking for! 

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