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Danya Khelfa

I am the CEO and founder of EduKitchen & The ETI Academy. After the pandemic of 2020 caused me to teach from home, the kitchen was the place of my makeshift classroom. From the kitchen came the idea for EduKitchen and two years later the ETI Academy was born!

I have worked in education for two decades having earned a Masters degree in Education. I look forward to sharing my educational knowledge and experiences to inspire teachers and students to succeed. 

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The ETI Academy believes that educational knowledge is one to be shared in building and inspiring minds of tomorrow to help grow and value positive school environments. 


We value the importance of education as seen by teachers and students. Throughout our website we work towards building educational knowledge by sharing our educational services, blogs, and resources on various topics in education with the goal of making teaching and learning easier for everyone! 

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The ETI Academy's Philosophy

Click  below to watch our videos highlighting our philosophy when it comes to teaching and learning in the 21st century and beyond. Stay one step ahead with meeting your educational goals by seeing how much motivation brings to education.

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