Math Learning Strategies

How Can Students Improve Their Math Skills?

In this article we present five tips ways to connect more with math and improve your skills.

Five Ways to Improve Mindset Around Math Skills

Building math skills may be difficult if it seems like there is a lot to learn. It starts by looking at maths in a whole new way!

Our goal is to help students see that math is not just a subject we must get through in school, but a way of understanding the world around us.

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The five tips are below. We hope teachers and parents will also find these tips useful when encouraging students to improve their math skills.

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I. Enjoy Math Outside The Classroom

Try not to see math as a subject you have to learn in the classroom, but as it appears in every day life outside the classroom! 

You can learn to enjoy math if you see it as just a part of everyday activities, like with shopping, cooking, or counting how many steps it takes from your couch to the refrigerator! 

How many steps did you take today?

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It’s also important to know when spending money so that you don’t end up paying too much! 

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II. Math As a Way To Connect With Others

Look at math as an opportunity to connect with others all over the world in trying to explain or understand concepts universally understood around the world.

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Just imagine, people around the world speak different languages, but yet when understanding math concepts, our connected understanding of the concepts in math can unite us all!

III. Find Math Support Networks

Just as with other matters in life, we could all use a little help when we are not sure as to how to solve math problems.

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Finding support networks (like EduKitchen) can make the pressures of learning easier when you work with others, whether it be in the classroom or online.

IV. See Math As A Language!

All languages have vocabulary that is unique to understanding what needs to be said. The same is true for mathematics. 

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 If you start to get in the habit of using math vocabulary as you are explaining your answers whether through spoken or written language, then you will find it very easy to communicate with anyone willing to listen!

V. Share Math Knowledge

Being able to share your ideas and knowledge about math, is just as important as understanding the concepts in the first place. 

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Be that help someone is looking for, it will make you feel better about being able to help others in need, and build your confidence in better understanding the subject, so that everyone wins!

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Final Thoughts...

 In my 20 years of teaching maths I always encourage students to see the benefits to maths. 

Students appreciate math more if it’s practical – like learning about it as it comes to money, and would like to see more. 

As teachers we need to peak students’ curiosity and it’s always important to keep them involved. 

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Part of the steps to becoming better in maths, I believe, starts with a positive mindset. Once we have this positive mindset, we can remember and enjoy these simple tips to improving math skills.

Share Your Thoughts

Do you agree with our tips? What tips do you recommend people use with Math learning? Let us know in the comments below!

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